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Tsubo Hengshan Road Flagship Store

A refurbished facade and interior design of 2 floors: cafe and retail space — a completed project.


L1 Exhibition, Cafe & Event Space

L1 Exhibition, Cafe & Event Space

Staircase Detail

L2 Retail

L2 Retail

L2 Retail

L2 Retail

L2 Retail Detail



L1 Floor Plan

L2 Floor Plan


TSUBO crafts footwear/apparel/media content with the artisan spirit to bridge the idea of “We-ness” between cities and wilderness, old and new, beyond all notions of boundaries.

This project is the first offline store of the brand, and the building is a part of the heritage & retail area, which is located in the center of the historic site in Shanghai. Unlike typical retail stores, the 1st floor is planned as an exhibition, café, and event area as the store's purpose is to express the brand identity rather than focusing on sales. The 2nd floor is the sales area, and the 3rd floor is their office. Hwajung proposed the idea of Tsubo Home: the nostalgia of your last trip to the wilderness. The series of experiences of different programs are staged in the metaphor of space at home.

Entrance terrace: City Wilderness -> L1 Café: City Garden -> L2 Retail: Living Room -> L3 Office: Atelier

All three floors are connected by the monolithic staircase, which is conceptually connected to the first-floor design language.

L2 retail is inspired by the bookshelf of someone's (Mr.Tsubo’s) living room. Furniture is carefully selected to feel relaxed, like in a lounge rather than a store. The façade is refurbished with plaster, architectural lighting, and overhangs. New show windows are added

Gross Area

200 m²



Completion Date

May 2021


January 2021 – May 2021


Tianping Road 9 Bld.7, Shanghai


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