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M Stand Coffee ZX

Green will be our gift to spring, and all our installations are linked together with green grilles to create a new artwork to be placed in the space.

M Stand is located on the third floor of the revamped CITIC Pacific Plaza, in a public "spare" location between several storefronts. The initial position is not optimal, and the design is quite restrictive. But with a terrace on the outer street, the space's sense of openness is set up. Instead of being a closed shop, the original intention was to not turn the entire coffee shop into an embedded installation artwork that was more intriguing.

MStand originated from a small street shop, and this design also hopes to show the relaxed and relaxed temperament along the street as much as possible. The inspiration for the design comes from the green storage baskets used in daily arranging. The grid elements of the storage baskets are deformed and overlapped, and the essential everyday elements become the main body of the coffee shop, thus creating a relaxed atmosphere that is different from the cold temperament of previous projects.

The grille element shapes the one-piece structure from the bar to the ceiling. As a unique installation, the bar is presented in the center of the space, which is an eye-catching display for the passing customers and emphasizes the core position of the coffee bar and the barista in the coffee shop. There are no unnecessary decorations on the walls and ceilings of the store, and it aims to keep the focus of the space at the bar.

The installation can also maximize the store's connection to the outdoors, adding a little flow to the interior of the mall. The green grille elements are extended to the seats in the store, continuing the atmosphere of taking a rest on the street.

Gross Area

68 m²



Completion Date

October 2021




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