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Ecru Xintiandi Flagship Store

An interior design project for a female apparel brand — completed.

Ecru is a Korean female ready-to-wear clothing brand aiming for minimal, high quality but challenging the rule. The first store was founded on Donghu Road, Shanghai: a bustling street in the city center, the core of fashion and F&B. As the brand grew, 3rd store location was settled in one of the famous fashion cores of Shanghai: Xintiandi Style department store. As the brand is expanding, the critical question for Hwajung was how to define the brand's spatial identity.

Hwajung's design concept celebrates the layered color, architectural elements, and garments. As the brand uses beige as the primary color, garments, and space are arranged in tone & tone. Hwajung added the richness of the texture by using layering different natural textures of materials: marble, wood, and steel. The height of the space is not generous, therefore, added fluted ceiling feature creates the perception of expanding the space and a sense of home. The datum of the stone wall becomes the backdrop of the dedicated garments. Hwajung treated the stone wall and floor as one solid entity that is smoothly carved, giving the minimal notion of the fundamentality of space: a cave.

Custom hangers and mirrors are made in steel and wood.

Gross Area

89 m²



Completion Date

May 2021


February 2021 – May 2021


Zi Zhong Road 309 Xintiandi Style, Shanghai


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