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Hyatt Taoxichuan Jingdezhen Hotel

Hwajung participated in this project as an employee while working for AIM Architecture in Shanghai. Her responsibility was to design the lobby, lounge, and the public lift lobby & restroom.

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The idea of the design starts from the character of the city. Jingdezhen city is the center of porcelain making in the world. It is where the export of china started along with the Silkroad. The guest's journey follows the story of the journey of porcelain making.

The lobby is the beginning of both journeys and shows the inspiration of a kiln where the soft soil meets the heat and turns into a solid object. We created the space burned, dark, and feeling the glimpse of the lighting cast on the floor.

The lounge is the celebration of celadon porcelain. The elegance of celadon porcelain is interpreted in the floor and the screen on the wall. The mold of porcelain making inspires the wall feature. It is associated with lighting and various building support. We tried to create a seamless expansion of the space.

The public restroom is back to the tile. The tile is a commonly used material for the heavy water used areas: bathroom, kitchen, etc. It is often perceived as kitsch and cheap. In a bold design gesture, we intend to create the elegant layering of the tile, plaster wall, and decorative lighting with the high ceiling with pin light, giving the dramatic atmosphere where you are in your most private moment.

Gross Area

25,000 m²



Completion Date

October 2021


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